June 12, 2020

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 Program details

Category: HYIP.
Since: March 27, 2017.
Minimum deposit: $5
Maximum deposit: $100000
Referral bonus: 10%
Languages: English, Russian.
DDoS Protection from: GeniusGuard.
Dedicated IP:
Last payout: 10/20/2017 05:30
Lifetime: 210 days.
Closed: October 22, 2017.
Payout Statistics

Monitored: 207 days.
Payouts: 2.1% daily for 100 trading days, 977% after 7 days, 1010% after 10 days, 1155% after 15 days.
Money system: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, Advcash.
SSL: is available.

Investment (listing): $200.00
Additional investment (my personal money): $800.00
Sum of investments: $1000.00
Profit: $2093.00
Payout ratio:
209.3 %
Link: https://www.fatfunds.me/ .
Lifetime of the similar programs: minimal - 11 days, maximal - 373 days, average - 94 days.
Payout ratio of the similar programs: minimal - 3%, maximal - 371%, average - 104%.
Probability of the profit, proceeding from statistics of the similar programs: 42%.
Payments are made to your PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, Advcash account. Type of the script: non-standard.
Perfect Money accounts: U10992828, U8322672.

The program pays me, complaints about this program were not sent to me. But on forums report that it is not paid them. Be careful.


   Hello, my name is Dr.Dilon and I am 47 years old. I am a Harvard, Yale, and Cornell educated psychiatrist and NY State licensed nutritionist. I'm a dedicated and passionate therapist who works with adolescent and adults who are struggling with some form of eating/weight or body image issue. For over 22 years, I've helped people with weight problems to lose weight, and to recover from all types of eating disorders, using a highly collaborative and individualized approach. 3 years ago I found out the way to transform overweight into sprouts of wealth. It is my goal to help individuals develop a healthy relationship to food and their body, as well as learn to save and to increase its savings. The idea of project came from all sorts of things that I see in the world around me. I see that almost everyone in the world use to resist the temptation of making daily shopping for pleasure. There is simply nothing better than being able to kick back, relax, and find ways to pamper yourself with food, so tasty and so junk. We use to buy pounds of food spending hundreds of dollars day by day. Besides the fact that you spend money for real jam, your body weight increases. An average adult spends more than $5.000 for junk food, getting over 10,000 kkl and taking fat rolls, flabby skin on the abdomen and kilos of subcutaneous fats. To make matters worse, research has shown that people who carry their extra weight around their waist have the highest risk of all of heart attacks, strokes, circulatory system and respiratory system problems, liver damages, gastrointestinal tract disorders. These and other problems arise from clogged, hardened arteries. It is the time to stop this madness. FatFunds project was created for people all over the world. I would like to give my helping hand to everyone. If you can_t stop eating junk food and you do have no willpower to get rid of chocolate and hamburgers cravings _ welcome to Fatfunds community. By using FatFunds assistance you can undoubtedly rely on productive friendship and support on your way to healthy life and financial independence. Just imagine what you will get if you try to invest into FatFunds instead of spending your money for junk food. Investing money for deposit at FatFunds cutting down on unhealthy food, isn_t it the smartest idea ever? Hamburgers and fried potatoes can make you millionaire with ideal health and perfect body shapes. FatFunds is the best way to show yourself that you genuinely care. And you really do. There are only pros when you are paying back your money doubled and improving your health losing excess weight and feeling great about yourself. All you have to do is to believe that you can change _junk food_ into _good investment for the future_. It_s fantastic and it_s true! It can take you a only a year to make your dreams come true. Do you want to have a brand new car, cozy dream apartment or far away island vacations, where you will amaze people with your new body shape? Fatfunds project started at 2014 in the small Oceanside city. I presented my individual body weight correction method to my clients. It was a new approach to financial independence using simple lifestyle changes. All they had to do is to leave me an exact amount of money they wanted to spend for burgers, cakes, candies, alcohol and other junk food and drinks. As for me I promised that I will double their money after cancelling the experiment. There were only a few people interested in my innovation. They used to spread my integrated approach to their friends as soon as they got successful results. A lot of people got to know about me and my ideas. They wanted to participate and changed their lifestyle forever. The majority of participants refused to refund money they entrusted as a token of gratitude for my efforts and dedicated work in solving their problems. The project grew and developed over time. I_ve found partners in different cities. Now I have a whole professional team to prevent obesity, make people happy and rich. Time has come to launch FatFunds project to the global market. Our total amount of available funds is more than 5,8 million dollars and I hope it will be possible to go further in 2017 year. We believe that humans desires to have perfect, healthy body and gain financial freedom come before all else. Believe me, it is very simple to achieve it with Fatfunds project. Take care of your and your family health! Be healthy and rich!
The statistical table
March 3021,3712,79818,573
April 1376,73715,12361,614
April 28144,92029,749115,171
May 13408,493113,269295,224
May 28777,692289,831487,861
June 111,033,696555,859477,837
June 262,026,518967,5181,059,000
July 123,294,3781,755,1131,539,265
July 274,767,1272,855,3221,911,805
August 117,139,8504,417,8312,722,019
August 2523,633,6426,780,34216,853,300
September 0967,752,1469,755,27357,996,873
September 24111,311,74312,610,27698,701,467
October 09153,710,86120,282,743133,428,118
October 23206,001,36932,275,700173,725,669
The statistical diagram
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
1 Day - March 30, 2017
15 Day - October 23, 2017
- Total Investings(I)
- Total Withdrawals(W)
- Total Profits(P=I-W)
Initial value
of PM account

U10992828 (FatFunds)
Account type: Verified,
 2.3 Trust Score point(s)
Information about
SSL Certificate

Issuer: COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA
Validity: 09/Mar/2017 - 10/Mar/2018
fatfunds.me resolves to
Serial Number: 0E7EDF4E93B4EC0C33EC33E2D8B12FED

2.1% daily for 100 trading days
$5 - $100.000
Total Return: 210%
Total Profit: 110%

Domain Name: FATFUNDS.ME
Registry Domain ID: D425500000000799232-AGRS

Updated Date: 2017-01-20T08:24:22Z
Creation Date: 2016-09-16T04:06:50Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2018-09-16T04:06:50Z

Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.
Registrar IANA ID: 1068


IP Address
IP Location 	United Kingdom - England -
		 Hoxton - Genius Security Ltd
ASN 		United Kingdom AS206397
		 (registered Jan 27, 2017)

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