November 18, 2019

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 Unique referral program
forced matrix and randomizer



Jul 01, 2012

  Running days


  Total users


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  Total deposited

$ 35115

  Total paid

$ 24958

  For the purpose of support of my monitoring the referral program WorldMap.Name has been created. To participate in this referral program to you it is necessary make an investment ($15) by means of the form which is in a page bottom.

  All calculations are conducted by means of electronic money system Perfect Money. If you have no account in this system, you can register it here: registration in Perfect Money.

  The referral program looks like the forced 10-level matrix with three referrals at the first level and randomizer. The forced matrix is such type referral systems at which at each level there can be only the fixed amount of referrals. At this referral system at the first level you can have only 3 referrals, at the second level - only 9 (each of your three referrals of the first level can have too on 3 referrals), on the third - 27 and so on up to the tenth level on which you can have 59 thousand 49 referrals. You will receive for engaging of each referral (up to the tenth level) on $1. The scheme of activity such: the first your three referrals become referrals of the first level, further the following your referral already becomes a referral of the second level or a referral of your referral of the first level. And you and your referral of the first level will receive for it on $1. Your referrals also can attract referrals. And you and your referral also will receive for it on $1. That is we see that yours Upline (your referrer, that who has attracted you in this system; referrers of your referrer) and yours Downline (your referrals) work on you, help you to receive new referrals and accordingly on $1 for everyone. Having registered under the active participant you can get quite good profit even if will not attract any referral.

  Randomizer works so: after any payment for involvement in randomizer the part of money goes to one or several randomly selected users who already participate in randomizer. In our referral program after each investment payments in the size of $1 either to one, or two, or three, or four, or five randomly selected users who already participate in our referral program are produced. The amount of payments is selected also randomly. That is at all without having any referral you can get profit because of random payments.

  After each investment you receive unique referral link. As the identifier payment batch-number serves. You can buy some advertizing units, using the referral links and paying from one Perfect Money account, but at each new purchase you will receive new referral link. All these referral links will work, you will select what of them to use.

  From this referral program you will instantly not receive payment after purchase payment. It of that the database of participants of this program is in offline. It that couldn't be stolen it. Payments will be is produced automatically some times a day.

  Lack of all forced matrixes and randomizers is that at them restricted period of life. That is you can not have time to get profit till that time while it will be closed. My referral program will work much longer any forced matrixes and randomizers which were till this time. I already work over monitoring since 2004 and I am not going to stop it to do. This referral program doesn't demand additional material inputs, therefore will work too very long together with monitoring. Anyway the one who will start to take part in any similar program gets more profit earlier. In other similar programs in due course come to an end wishing to participate in the given program. And last participants appear at a loss. But in our case it is possible on to take part in the referral program some times. Also, for example, in a year, then in two or three years can will appear new wishing to take part in this referral program. In other similar programs what is the time nobody waits. Programs are closed earlier. If you had any questions under this referral program then write to me on address admin[at] .

  Please, don't uses for advertizing SPAM. If there will be complaints to participants of the program which used SPAM then payments to the account of this participant will be blocked.

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